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Royal Knights

Royal Knights

The Royal Knights

What do they do? They protect the Digital World.. But in my game they protect players from spawn killers, and random killers.

Your duty is to kill spawn killers, and random killers. In fact, you have to do them like everyday. Your job is to protect weak people, not kill them.

The Royal Knights List


RK                                   Health    Damage/Moves          User

Alphamon Ouryuken        See his stats here Special     Silicrex ; Previously Aertix

Omnimon  Zwart               See his stats here Special     Previously Volanthat

Craniumon                         ???      ???

Gallantmon                       ???      ???

Magnamon   X                  See his stats here Special    Previously  lordlucario112

Crusadermon                    ???      ???

Dynasmon   X                   ???      ???

Examon                          ???    ???

Gankoomon                   ???   ???

Kentaurosmon                ???   ???

Leopardmon                    ???   ???

UlforceVeedramon X        ???  ???

Imperialdramon PM       ???  ???


Royal Magnamon start in/on/at:, 23:59 (UTC+7:00), Level 521, Paladin owners only.

There will be 13 tournaments, and every tournament will have their own specific Royal Knight prize which is a special version(bigger, faster and much stronger) of the specific digimon, so prepare! 

The type of tournament depends on how many people are currently in the tournament.



You will survive Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode, and the last Imperialdramon Paladin Mode will survive. This type of tournament will happen when there is an odd number of people joining.


You will be fighting rounds until you reach the final, and win the tournament. You will not be fighting Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode, so don't worry. You will be fighting Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. This tournament will happen when I get an even number of people joining.


If admins or mods join, they can win the prize, but they will have to give the prize to their alternate account or give up their rank for being a royal knight. Whoever joins the tournament that is level 521+, and have Imperialdramon Paladin Mode in the main game should all be training and get 21 levels + Omnimon data in  otherwise you won't meet the requirements to join the tournament.

The tournaments will be host at a random time, but will be shout in group once it is finding people. ~-Nakata1609-~ 

Don't post to the forum, this is just a link to the forum for more information.

Rules of The Royal Knights

The unofficial Rules of the Royal Knights

  1. The Royal Knights will stop spawn killers, and random killers in the Digimon Game. 
  2. The Royal Knights will protect the weak and never kill the weak unless the weak are the spawn killers.
  3. The Royal Knights can kill anyone level 161 and above and any peckmon that has attacked them although video evidence is required
  4. The Royal Knights shall not spam for any reason
  5. The Royal Knights can spawn kill spammers but only after recording the spammer, so if they get reported by the spammer they will have video evidence against the spammer and therefor the spammers report becomes invalid.
  6. The Royal Knights can kill anyone who is glitching so long as they have video proof
  7. The Royal Knights must never scam anyone
  8. The Royal Knights must do this every time they are in game
  9. The Royal Knights must follow these guidelines


  1. Each Royal Knight will need 5 reports from 5 different players to be stripped of their position and digimon
  2. Each report must be a 4 sentence paragraph [ See Report Layout ]
  3. A Royal Knight report counts for 2 reports
  4. A Moderators report counts for 2 reports
  5. An Admins report counts for 3 reports
  6. Everyone else counts for 1 report
  7. Any Vacation Plan must be reported for how many days you will be gone
  8. A Royal Knight must be in the game for at least 5 days a week
  9. No less than 30 minutes in a game
  10. You must include video evidence in the Report.

Report Layout

Subject: Royal Knight Report

Message: The Royal Knight [insert royal knight name] has been caught breaking rule number [rule number]. I've seen him/her [insert crime] to  [insert victims name]. Here is the video link for the report [insert video link]. Thank you for the time to read this message and do not reply to this  message.    


Subject: Royal Knight Report

Message: The Royal Knight  bob has been caught breaking rule number 4. I've seen him spam "I love Budder Lettuce" to  the entire server. Here is the video link for the report Thank you for the time to read this message and do not reply to this  message.