This is a page dedicated to Roball1's Digimon TV Show.

{Updated} Hi everyone, you might know me from nakata1609's digimon game... I made some models. I thought really hard, and I decided to make a Digimon TV show on roblox on 1/19/13. I would really like to have some ideas/a place to film, Here is what I have so far!:

I've filled in the spots, Chaos is To be announced

If you want to be a digimon try to make up your own and wait for someone to choose an egg/crest and ask them to be their digimon. I also need a REALLY good cameraman to film the video. :) Remember to read all of this!!

-Created by Roball1- Noone gave me an Idea for a show, I decided to make one.

- Roball1


 So far nothing but....

Seven young kids/teens living in the same area in the U.S. are somehow enter a digital portal and are transported to the so called, Digital World. Where they meet digimon, which are actually digital monsters. Somehow these kids/teens bond with the digimon and form an alliance. Causing havoc in the digital world!!



Digi-egg's of:

Bravery- Roball1

Chaos- TBA (To be announced)

Trustworthyness- Okidragon1

Dignity- Roku17

Unity- Anny80

Character- RoseNight50

Awareness- Waterninjadragon

Legends- ZerobladeX

-Cast/Crew members-

Cameramon- TBA (To be announced)

Film Editor(s)- Nakata1609?, Rfl12, Antonious8236 That's all folks!

Episode List

Episode 1: Pilot