These are the digimon that come around during the Holidays.

Halloween 2012

During this event the digimon pumpkinmon was given to those who found the pumpkin head During halloween week.
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Name              Health  Move/Damage

Pumpkinmon   3300     TrickOrTreat(800),Surprise(100)

Chrstmas/NewYear 2012-2013

There were 6 gifts available. 3 were findables in the main game, 1 was in secret game, and the last 2 were buyable.  All presents are currrently opened. To get an in-depth stats on these digimon click here.


Present                                               Location           Digimon                                   Availability status

Gift of the Boxed Past                        Main Game        Bakomon                                         N/A

Gift of the Snowy Present                  Main Game       Frigimon                                           N/A

Gift of the Dark Future                       Main Game       Black Guilmon                                  N/A

Gift of Time                                        Secret Game  MetalKoromon                                 N/A

Gift of Ruined Fury                             Buyable             Shinegreymon Ruin Mode               N/A

Mechanical Gift of the Yellow Year    Buyable              Yellow WarGrowlmon                     N/A

Valentines 2013

A mystery Digimon inside a mystery heart falling from the sky on the day which people show their love not only to their soul mate, but to their family as well. 

RobloxScreenShot02152013 115554649


Name        Health         Move/Damage

Cutemon    1402          SupersonicWave(333), UltrasonicWave(666)

                                    Healing Moves

                                    Kizunaol(600), Sugunal(1200), Yokunal(3600)

Easter Egg Hunt 2014

What would happen if this egg hatched? Collect this egg on April 19th, 2014 now! (Hatched into Numemon on May 1st, 2014!) 


Name                Health         Move/Damage

Numemon         4020            Poopthrow(500), SuperStinkySpray(500), Poop(Stuns)