The glitches of DMO (OLD)

These glitches will be fixed soon

The Upwards or Forwards FlyingEdit

This glitch is not really dangerous because they will just fly up to a point where they can't see anyone.


  1. Be any digimon with a spinning move that allows a brief time of flight Ex. V-mon And use ClusterHead
  2. When activated Digivolve or Degenerate
  3. You will fly either upwards forever or go straight forever

The Repeatitive DigivolutionEdit

This glitch is dangerous during a fight because it can cause insta-heals for the user. Also can really lag the place if used by a specific digimon.


If you rapidly click the digivolve button you can duplicate it causing you to just digivolve more than once. fuck your mom Sadly, this cannot be used now. unless Nakata brings back the old GUI.

The invisible trickEdit

Same thing as the repeatitive digivolution except you just keep clicking the digimon you are digivolving to.

Melee glitchEdit

If you choose an attack like Shining hammer and repeatedly select and deselect it, you will eventually in

Veemon DEdit

Peckmon glitchEdit

Peckmon's move Kunai Wing has a chance of flicking the opponent a fair distance and killing them. Many people call it a cheat as it can kill the Imperialdramon Paladin Mode boss in a matter of seconds. This can also work with Apocalymon. (This has been possibly patched and fixed.)

Melee Evolution Glitch Edit

When you digivolve with a melee move selected, Then your next evolution shall have the move that is selected.

(If you are lucky enough to do it nowadays.)

The spinning in circles GlitchEdit

When you become FM/PM and use Positron Laser and run into it, if you use Giga Death and jump at the same time, you will launch yourself, keep using attacks to launch yourself until you got nothing, if you are high enough, you will hit the ground and get stuck. Now degenerate, you are stuck in the ground and you will glitch out and spin in circles. BECAUSE OF COWS!!!!!

Melee glitch (2)Edit

Any melee move such as shining hammer can be dropped and picked up using backspace. This  glitch has been mostly used to give tamers  the ability to attack other people. Although damage can still be inflicted to the user as well as the opponent.       Disclaimer: This trick/glitch CANNOT be used due to an update.

Gotsumon Degeneration Glitch                                    Edit

''If you degenerate as any of Gotsumon's evolutions, Gotsumon's arms will be placed in front of him rather then beside him and looks weird... ''

RobloxScreenShot12232013 181536807

Gotsumon Degeneration Glitch.