Descriptions of each area.

Forest AreaEdit

The Forest Area is home to Poyomon, Leafmon, Budmon, and Falcomon. At the top of the hill in the more plains section, the yggdrasil portal can be found. The secret Toy Agumon and Raidramon can be found in this area. Most of the players with Special Digimon spawn on the hill next to the bridge. As well, all of the toy agumons , Digifreaks , Cutemon , and Pumpkinmon spawn on that same hill.

Desert AreaEdit

The desert area is home to Jyarimon, Botamon, Pagumon, and Punimon. The secret Clear Toy Agumon, Flamedramon and Magnamon can be found in this area.To the right (facing towards the grass area) of the spawn entrance, there is a large cave entrance. The cave is not in the desert area but is actually floating in the air which the cave entrance teleports you to and can sometimes be confused for a castle. The lake can be found above the spawn entrance and cave entrance,  as well as  near the Kuramon Portal which requires the Kuramon Egg Pass to get in. The Kuramon Portal holds no bosses but it is the spawn for Kuramons. Gotsumon and Apocalymon currently spawn in the empty part of the desert near where the Arena Entrance used to be.

Ice AreaEdit

The ice area is home to Chibomon, Relemon, Dodomon, Pichimon, and Wanyamon. There is a large ice pillar in the middle of the area with a platform ontop of it. The pillar can be climbed up to using the stone bridges to get up. Nothing special can be found here.

Volcano AreaEdit

Not in game.